How to Design a Cottage Garden – Inspired Ideas | Bridgman

Capture the essence of a cottage garden by planting flowers and plants that provide a beautiful blooming backdrop. Although cottage gardens were first used in the time to grow homegrown food and medicine during the time of Queen Elizabeth I, today’s cottage garden uses mostly flowers.

Climbing roses are a stunning choice that will frame your garden by running up the walls of your home. Some excellent rambling roses include Paul’s Himalayan Musk, Kiftsgate, Blush Rambler, and Princesse Marie. Pair with lavender bushes as well as shrub roses, like Duchess d’Angouleme and Topaz Jewel, to infuse your garden with entrancing fragrances. As added cottagecore pastimes, press, frame and hang your dried flowers or cut your favourite buds and arrange into beautiful bouquets.